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whether Apple”s iOS or HP”s webOS 2.0? the device itself had better be properly pocketable

if your correspondent is to accept the limitations of a dumbed-down computer based on a mobile-phone operating system—whether Apple”s iOS, Google”s Android, Microsoft”s Windows Phone 7 or HP”s webOS 2.0—then the device itself had better be properly pocketable. In other words, no more than five inches wide. At two-thirds the width of an iPad, such

Samsung Galaxy Mini Offers A More Pocketable Galaxy Experience

It seems that Samsung does not seem to be entirely satisfied with the extreme success of the Samsung Galaxy S. This is because the company are preparing to launch a new phone in the Samsung Galaxy series, but interestingly it is not going to be a competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S. Instead, it is

Pocketable Sony Vaio P 2010

Sony Vaio P was launched into the market nearly a year ago. However, the producer has redesigned it and introduced the latest version of Sony Vaio P which can be pocketed. Let’s take an in-dept look at the 2010 version of Sony Vaio P as follows: The VAIO P still has a pointing stick smack