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Getting Women Seen AND Heard

Women in business know that this is a common occurrence – they’ll make a suggestion at a meeting that’s met with silence, only to see a man make the same point a few minutes later, to hearty approval and congratulations. After giving a speech recently, a young woman approached me to ask for advice on

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Getting to Better Artwork Fast

Clicking through a bunch of generic wrist tattoos for girls just isn’t going to cut it. You want to see crisp, high quality designs, right? If you do, then you’ll want to take in the following info, because 90% of women end up weeding through tons of cookie cutter junk without it. This isn’t to

Legitimate Procedures for getting your Trade Licensed as a Women?s Business Enterprise

A women’s business enterprise, as defined by the federal government, means an individual enterprise which is completely owned by a female. In case of a public corporation, at least fifty one percent of the overall shares must be possessed by a female. Any type of women-owned trade is eligible to receive government grants and loans.

Why women?s breasts are getting bigger

  As women in Britain welcome the arrival of the L-cup bra by Bravissimo, a lingerie label for larger sized breasts, one tends to wonder – what is it that’s causing women’s breasts to grow larger and larger? Fat seems the most plausible answer. “Fat is laid down on breasts as much as thighs or