Easing Wrist Joint Pain

One of the more potent treatments for wrist joint pain caused by inflammation is injections. The injections contain an anesthetic and steroid. It can be administered in different dosages. This means the injection can be milder or stronger. Whatever the strength of the injection it will last a lot longer than the average anti inflammatory. A single injection can bring relief that lasts for a few weeks or months depending on the strength of the dose. An injection is a very good means of getting rid of pain and inflammation for long periods but there is the risk of the tendons become weak. An injection can also noticeably lighten the skin.

Before a doctor prescribes an injection the patient will usually take anti inflammatory medication. Many people use this medicine and also go for alternative treatments such as massage, acupuncture and herbs. A lot of people say the alternative treatment does bring some relief and it also encourages them to relax. This is good because pain causes stress.

The wrist is what connects the hand to the arm. When the wrist is in pain it makes the use of the hand difficult. It can be so painful that a sufferer will opt for surgery if none of the other alternatives work. The surgery consists of the joint being replaced. This is a treatment that has a high success rate because it lasts long term. Medical doctors perform surgery as a last resort.

After this kind of surgery you will need to visit a physiotherapist to learn how to use your hand with the replacement joint. The wrist joint pain and inflammation will be gone and the vast majority of patients have found it well worth the effort. However, it is important to bear in mind that over time the synthetic replacement will deteriorate and may need to be replaced.