Cheap Rolex Watches Is There Such A Thing?

So the question is, is there such a thing as cheap Rolex watches?  Well I guess that depends on what your perception of cheap is. To most of us even the most inexpensive of these watches is not cheap. However, there are those who think that spending a couple thousand dollars for a Rolex is cheap. Let’s see what actually constitutes as cheap in this situation. One of these watches new can cost as much as $ 20,000 or more. So if you’re a person of means spending $ 2000 or $ 3000 on one could be considered cheap.


If you’re a person looking to get an inexpensive Rolex watch you have to be wondering where you can get it?  Authorize dealers of these watches are not allowed to sell them at a discount they must sell them at full price. Buying one that was previously owned is one way to get them inexpensively. Second hand Rolex watches can be sold by their owners at any price they choose. You can also get them discounted online at auction sites like eBay.  However you must be careful when buying them online or any other place for that matter other than an authorized dealer or you could wind up with a fake or replica.


The popularity of these watches has made them the target of many fakes and replicas.  Counterfeit Rolex watches are produced mainly in Asian countries like India and China.  The counterfeits consist of low-end watches and high-end watches. On the low-end, counterfeits have poor quality and poor design, but they come with a very low price. On the high end, the counterfeits resemble the genuine watches and come with a high price tag. They generally have good quality and good materials so it’s harder to tell them from the genuine item.


There are ways to tell if your watch is the real deal or not. One way is to remove the band. Between the lugs at the twelve position there is a registration design number, at the six position there should be a serial number. Another way to tell a counterfeit is to observe the secondhand.  The secondhand on these watches glides around the dial, it should not have a noticeable click. You can also take your watch to an authorized repair shop or qualified watchmaker that specializes in them.  Keep in mind that cheap Rolex watches are not necessarily counterfeits.  There are trusted places that you can buy them at a discount.


So where are these places?  Well as mentioned earlier eBay is one.  EBay takes every precaution to assure that their buyers are protected against fraud. You also get extra protection when you pay for your item through PayPal.  You can also check the seller feedback and comments to get a feel of how honest the seller is.


Another highly trusted place to buy discounted or pre-owned Rolex watches is Amazon.  Amazon is a well-respected business that has been around for a long time and has a good reputation.  You’re also protected with them through their money back guarantee.  If for any reason you wish to return an item, you can get a full refund and no questions asked.  So if you find that the watch you bought is a fake you can return it.


As you can see there are places to buy cheap Rolex watches and not have to worry about the watch you bought being counterfeit. A Rolex tells the world that you have class and style it doesn’t matter if you pay full price or a cheaper price.

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