Cheap LCD TV from Samsung and Sony a feast for eyes and lighter on pocket.

LCD TVs are everything which CRTs are not, they are slim they are clear, they consume low power and besides all this they are just gorgeous to look. The contrast ratio that is provided in LCD TVs is just outstanding. LCD TVs comes in different sizes and specifications. One can get a LCD TVs from various internet portals. Two very famous brands are up for the competition to make the best LCD TVs and take this revolutionary product to a high standard of performance. These two brands are Samsung and Sony.

Samsung is a Korean giant and introduces world class products in the market. Following the tradition it LCD TV is among the best in the market and that too at a very reasonable price. Samsung’s offering includes two models LBN8000 and LBN6000. They feature 240Hz refresh rate, internet connectivity, LED backlighting and an anti-glare screen. Samsung claims that they are 40% more energy efficient. Then there are series 5 models which are a step ahead and includes all the features of series 4 models. Series 7,8 and 9 have a better response time, come in different colours and have more USB and other connectors.

Sony on the other side is no far behind than Samsung in fact Sony was the first company to start producing the LCD TVs. Sony has a Bravia range of TVs in the market. Bravia has unique Light and Ambiance sensor which enables TV to adjust itself according to the surrounding conditions. Sony has one advantage that it consumes less power.

Both the TVs are equipped with certain technologies that enhance our TV viewing experience and takes it to a level further we would have never thought about. Both the TVs are available through various internet portals. One can log in to these portals and besides getting their specifications one can also compare the prices as well. These portals offer great deals and you can do online shopping sitting at your home. Just go through the websites and get acquaint with the hot deals because it will not only provide great TV viewing experience but also increase the beauty of your room big time.